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02.03.2012 General News

Love Me, Love My 'Silly'

By Kofi Duah - Daily Graphic
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Forget about being carried away by her pretty looks. Actress Yvone Okoro has given away a clue to the way to her heart. Any man who wants to win her precious and delicate heart should be prepared to accept her “silly” attitude.

“It’s simple, as the popular saying goes, love me love my dog and for me, my dog is my very jovial attitude,” the belle told Showbiz last Saturday.

According to her, life is full of stress and it was therefore important to have someone with whom you could ‘destress’ explaining that

“I’m a very jovial person and though it is not in the public domain, I really love to fool and I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is too serious and uncomfortable with that side of me”.

Yvonne revealed that, although she is single, she would prefer to date a man who would make her laugh all the time and wouldn’t mind the kind of job he does. Although ideally, dating a man with a nice house or a good business was welcome, all that would not

matter to her once they get on well with each other and he could make her laugh.

Known for hit movies like, 4Play Reloaded, Desperate To Survive, The Game, Agony Of Christ, Royal Battle, Why Marry and Adam’s Apple, Yvonne says she’s been in a couple of relationships and anytime she realized that the relationship wasn’t going well, she called it quits but made sure the people involved understood her reason for walking away.

Asked what some of the causes of the break-ups had been, Yvonne said lack of communication and sometimes the men refusing to understand the nature of her job.

Asked about what she looks out for when a guy approaches her the first time, the talented actress revealed that she looks out for neatness and politeness. “It is said cleanliness is next to Godliness and I would want to be comfortable with the guy I’m seen hanging out with, so when it comes to neatness and politeness, there is no compromiise,” she insisted.

Born Yvonne Chinyere Okereke Okoro to a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, Yvonne who comes from a family of 10, also revealed she was a very jealous person and though she would allow room for her guys having female friends, she would not want to be taken for granted.

“I am a very jealous person. When l am dating, I give all out so my guy doesn’t have a problem with infidelity. I am a trustworthy person and I’d expect the same from him.”

Although single, Yvonne believes God’s time is the best and would not rush into a relationship she will later regret having. “I really believe when the right time comes, I will surely settle down with the right person but for now, I enjoy my single life and hope to get someone soon.

She’s been linked to John Dumelo, Majid and other actors.She dismissed that as mere speculation saying all the men named were her good friends. She said John cannot date her because both of them are very jovial which was not the best for a good relationship while Majid is a very married man.

When Showbiz asked her whether any man could seek for her love, Yvonne said she is okay for now and seems to enjoy her single life at the moment but gave a window of hope by urging guys who were attracted to step forward. “ Often, men are afraid because they see us on the screen and they shy away because they feel we are way above them or unapproachable. However, I want them to know we are humans like them and should be bold to come forward if they do so with a pure heart.

Talking about how her movie career started, Yvonne said she one day picked up her phone and pretended ex-President Kufour had phoned her congratulating her for passing her SSCE. According to her, the mum and all her siblings believed, “my mum actually believed it was former President Kufour who had phoned me, she then told me straight to go into acting and that is how it all begun.

She has had a long walk through the corridors of formal education and she has plans to keep walking. Yvonne attended Achimota Preparatory School, after which she went to the Lincoln Community School, then to Faith Montessori School. Mfanstiman Girls Senior High School was her next stop.

She later studied and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Linguistics from the University of Ghana, Legon. She continued later at the Universite’ De Nantes in France, where she studied French Civilization and Culture as well as Drama and Marketing.

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