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08.12.2011 General News


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IF there is that one event you would not want to miss this Christmas, then it is definitely that one and extraordinary night when exceptional musical performances meets with unending session of sidesplitting jokes.

It is now official, leading Ghanaian event organizers, Charterhouse, is preparing for the next edition of the Night of Laughs and Music series scheduled for December 26th at the Dome of the International Conference.

The Night of Laughs and Music series has become the most prestigious show on the nation's event calendar, attracting thousands of patrons who always leave the auditorium satisfied and looking forward for the next edition.

The last edition which took place on July 9th 2011 continue to linger on the minds of patrons who had a night resounding with excitement when five of Africa's best comedians and energetic performers met at the Dome to give attendees a show worth their monies.

It was the 12th edition of the famous Night of Laughs and Music series which turned out to be a night experiencing nothing short of outstanding musical performances and an unending session of laugher which left patrons screaming for more.

The audience on the night had their expectations met as the comedians did not disappoint and delivered back to back rib cracking jokes. Ghana's fastest rapper Sarkodie, songstress Efya and the legendary Ben Brako were a spectacle to watch as they dazzled with amazing performances.

Nigeria's finest stand-up comedians including Bash, Owen Gee and the legendary Gordons were the crowd's favorites as they got them going with them amidst cheering and screaming as they took turns to work them with their humorous jokes.

Other comedians on the night who were first timers on the Night of Laughs and Music series included Emeka Smith and Elenu. Both succeeded in leaving their names on the lips of the audience as they managed to get them laughing throughout their time on the stage.

Funny Face, who is well known for creating rather hysterical jokes on the spare of the moment, would occasionally pick on some of the high profiled personalities present as he served as MC on the night. These got the entire auditorium bursting out into laughter.

If the promises by organizers of the very successful show are anything to go by, then audience will be in for a bigger and better laugh at the Night of 1013 Laughs and Music scheduled for the Dome on December 26th 2011.

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