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29.07.2011 General News

Stonebwoy calls for Ministry of Entertainment

By Ghanaian Chronicle
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In a 3-day packed programme, the Saturday July 16, 2011 was dedicated to the hip-hi life sector of the music industry, to introduce the people of the Twin-City to how entertaining Y FM is.

In the course of this programme, had interviews with the big names in the music industry in Ghana, where most musicians used the opportunity to share their sentiments on issues at heart.

Randomly, if anyone is asked of a reggae artiste in Ghana, a name that will never skip the minds of many is Stonebwoy. Stonebwoy, who is well known for his feature on Obrafour's club banger 'Ghetto Love', is one among the few Dancehall Reggae artists in Ghana who is holding the flag of reggae music in Ghana so fisted.

In an exclusive interview with, this reggae demon described himself as a vibrant youth who fits in all kinds of good genre of music, but is Dancehall Reggae rooted. Asking the future of Dancehall Reggae in Ghana, Stonebwoy is positive about the fact that many people will like the reggae genre of music with time.

He sees Dancehall music to be the root of hip-life in Ghana. In his view, Stonebwoy sees the music industry in Ghana to be hip-life dominated, and other branches of genres emerging into the industry showing the growing strength of the industry.

'Is a young industry anyway, it's not as what we the artists want it to be, we are expecting more from the Ghana music industry anyway,' he added.

Asked what he means by expecting more, Stonebwoy argued that there were some structures that had to be put in place like the proper management of the industry from the top level, putting one umbrella over the entire artistes by the industry, and the industry being the artistes' manager.

In a quick response to the fact that a Ministry of Entertainment will be the best solution to better represent the artiste board, Stonebwoy supports that, if there is any Ministry like that, it will help everybody (musicians).

'If that happens, it will make music grow in Ghana, and we can reach out to the world, because you see these Nigerians, they pop in and go and make hits anytime, because their country sells them to us. Their industry is well managed to sell them to the rest of Africa and the world.

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