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FEATURED STORY Tithe Paying Is Certainly A Sin...

17 April 2011 | Opinion/Feature


Derick Flint

Last week's Ghana Music Awards has received mixed feelings and reviews from industry pundits,bloggers and music fans alike, with most seemingly criticising event organisers,Chaterhouse for the lapses in their organisation of this year's event. In a reaction to a question on Radio Gold's "Solid Countdown Show" on saturday, Nanaquame Addai, editor of, an entertainment website, also added his voice to the criticisms, by stating that if the Ghana Music Awards is to improve and give fans value for their money then, "Charterhouse must listen to criticisms from industry pundits and find real solutions to the problems that flaw the event".

Nanaquame pointed out the bad protocol and poor communication between organizers and security personnel,poor sound quality of the band which sounded off key at certain points, as well as malfunctioning microphones and a myriad of boring performances, as some of the flaws of this year's event.

He also criticized the presentation of the awards for Discovery of the year and producer of the year, to Herty Borngreat and Zapp Mallet. He stated that the latter's award especially held no logic and was an insult to all hardworking producers in the industry because in the year under review, Zapp did not match up to other producers in the number of commercially successful songs churned out.He signed off his comments on the subject with the question, "How many of the nominated songs did Zapp Mallet produce?".

According to him, most of the problems people are complaining about this year, have been the bane of the show in all the 12 years of its existence and if organizers will pay more attention to the criticisms leveled against them each year and duly make the effort to correct them. the show will improve immensely.

Earlier on the show, the former editor of Profile Newspaper and Executive Director of BUZZGH, also hit out at show MC, KKD for what he referred to as "his disappointing performance" on the night. According to him, either the celebrated master of ceremonies may have lost his charm or his style did not fit the format of the Ghana Music Awards night.

Nanaquame pointed out "his unnecessarily long speeches and lame attempt at being funny on the night" as his worse moments. He offered that perhaps a younger MC who is more in touch with prevailing trends in the music industry should be employed to handle the show next year.

Also making an appearance on the show was Dr. Knii Lante, the man who won the coveted award for Best Male Vocal Performer for 2010. He revealed that, prior to the awards, he felt quite uneasy because he faced tough competition in a category which most had tipped Highlife maestro Kwabena Kwabena to win easily; he was therefore very surprised but thankful that industry folks gave him their vote of confidence to win the award.

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