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03.03.2011 General News

Stephanie Benson tears up as she breaks heart on Icons

By Ameyaw Debrah -
Stephanie Benson tears up as she breaks heart on Icons
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Last Sunday's emotional Top 24 cut on the buzzing new reality TV show, 'Icons: Divas Edition' was heartbreaking for the 11 girls that were given the boot from boot camp, as well as for the judges - particularly Stephanie Benson, whom I had hinted earlier would be the sweetheart amongst the bunch.

Stephanie broke down at a point when the judges had to choose between two girls for a spot on the Top 24. The judges couldn't choose and so had to make the girls face-face in a tie breaker. When the judges announced their choice based on that performance, the unfortunate girl who got cut off broke down into tears, forcing Stephanie to tear up. The judge covered her face from the cameras by fluffing over her hair (which I believe could be Brazilian weave). After getting back her composure, she fixed her hair and continued with the show.

The lucky 24 girls that made it were later grouped into 8 groups of 3 by the judges. The girls then later came up with their own group names. The groups will have their first live performances this Sunday and the public will get to vote to choose which groups remain in the competition. The group with the least amount of votes will be eliminated. Text the name of your favourite group 1737 on all networks. The Top 24 is as follows:

DIAMONDS: Alberta, Belinda, Barbara
KOLORS: Doreen, Gloria, Evelyn
KYSES: Lilian, Abby, Ernestina
CHILLI: Monica, Abigail, Sussana
KESHI 3: Nana Frema, Danielle, January
R&M: Stephanie, Natasha, Denice
BREEEZE: Emmanuella, Zephora, Anita
EBONI: Lucy, Betty, Valentina

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