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14 November 2010 | General News

Ghanaian Actor Prince David For Court

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Ghanaian Actor Prince David For Court

Prince David Osei
GHANAIAN ACTOR Prince David Osei is a fine figure but when it comes to matters that can injure his reputation, he does not take them lightly.

The actor is vexed with  management of Nach Films, one of Ghana's movie production houses over an issue regarding his role in the production house's yet-to-be- released movie titled 'Daddy's Girl'.

Prince allegedly ordered the production house to take out a scene from the movie, which he considered vindictive to his public character. But that has fallen on deaf ears and he is threatening legal action.

Prince, according to sources, had an agreement with the production house over how that particular scene should be shot. However, it appeared things were not done as agreed and that is what has necessitated the court action.

The two parties are however keeping their differences away from the media's attention, as they both refused to talk about the issue when NEWS-ONE contacted them.

David told NEWS-ONE on Monday that he was not prepared to take the matter to the media though he admitted that he had issues with the production house.

The producer of Nach Films, who gave his name as Koskolee, when contacted by NEWS-ONE, declined to comment on the issue and also refused to disclose the content of the scene.

'We had a deal with David. He is a good actor and he did what he was supposed to do for us. Whatever issues are there, I'm not sure I want to discuss them in public. We had a good relation with him and so did he also have a good working relationship with us. Courts are always there to resolve cases and so we are not scared if it comes to that,' he simply said.

NEWS-ONE's source could also not confirm what the agreement between Prince and Nach films was and what exactly was in movie's scene that was making David edgy.

But David reportedly almost had a fight with the director of the movie on set while shooting that same scene.

Source: NEWS-ONE

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