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27.08.2010 General News

Celebs Out & About: Jeremie Of YFM

By Ebenezer Anangfio Jnr. -
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Jeremie Of Yfm
In July this year,, your premium entertainment website blogged about how Jeremie, the host of Saturday Morning Live (SML) on YFM was using vulgar language on her radio show.

In the said article we pointed out that, home girl was constantly using 'whatever' whenever she did not agree with her guest,  'shut up' or 'piss off' to shut them up on the high patronized all age and gender show.

True to our constructive bashing or criticisms, home girl has curtailed the use of that offensive language. It seems as if someone was listening and has advised home girl. (Maybe she was given a written warning, listen and stop or get fired kind of thing…)

Though Jeremie is good at what she does, people said because she has no competition in her league hence her loose talks on air.

When you hear 'Kwe', you know my people have arrived. I admire Jeremie for lots of thing, one is the fact that she's proud of where she hails from, when she says 'Kwe', you know she will continue with 'I'm a Ga girl from James Town'.

The co host of 4SYTE TV and the former Vibe FM presenter's voice is delight on radio. Join girl friend from Monday to Thursday 7pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 10am to 12pm on YFM 107.9 for a jolly ride with Jeremie in the driving seat.

Below are pictures lens captured of Jeremie as she hosts R2Bees video premiere.


Jeremie Of Yfm
Jeremie Of Yfm
Jeremie Of Yfm
Jeremie Of Yfm
Jeremie Of Yfm
Jeremie Of Yfm

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