Update On Nadia Buari’s Hot Romantic Affair With Dede Ayew + Nadia Pulls Her Usual Prank Again…

By Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri -
General News Update On Nadia Buari’s Hot Romantic Affair With Dede Ayew + Nadia Pulls Her Usual Prank Again…
AUG 12, 2010 LISTEN

Nadia Buari & Dede Ayew
When a loyal reader (Efia) chipped us the story of Nadia Buari rocking it hard with Dede Ayew, many wondered why GhanaCelebrities.Com failed to contact Nadia to ascertain the truth of the matter before publishing the story. I guess after reading the story below from NewsOne, you will catch the vibe as I catch the feeling…

When I forwarded the story to Gossip Mama to do the publication since I was travelling, she asked me to contact Nadia and I said, Contact Nadia? I know all her Pranks and phone tricks, she has played me so well to the game that I can teach anyone interested. It would be a waste of my  5 pounds calling card…

Anyway, we went ahead to publish the story as a Rumour and it became the talk of the town as various Entertainment newspapers and Tv stations picked it up. NewsOne- a newspaper in Ghana decided to do what we ditched by trying to contact Nadia Buari and she played the usual trick game on them…

I have called Nadia several times in the past to hear her side of certain issues and out of the many, I only got her on two occasions or so.

We all know Nadia's voice and anyone who is in the Celebrity Lifestyle and Entertainment world and is well connected would have Nadia Buari's phone number. Yet anytime you try to catch up on her to verify issues for her fans, she plays the usual prank… (This is not Nadia, Nadia is out, Nadia has travelled, Call back in 1 hour and all that…. maybe she has a twin sister with the same voice which I do not know about)

All the same, read below for the update on Nadia Buari & Dede Ayew's romantic affair as well as who is the latest victim of Nadia Buari's usual prank…

The hottest rumour currently making rounds in entertainment circles is that Nadia Buari, a movie-goddess of immaculate beauty, is in a love relationship with Ghanaian international footballer André Dede Ayew.

It sounds incredible but the talk is spreading fast and though it was first put out by, a number of entertainment programs and talk shows have joined the chorus and they are all attributing the story to an unnamed source close to the Buari family.

NEWS-ONE called Nadia on phone yesterday to find out the truth behind the report but a lady picked the call and after finding out who was on the line, the person simply said Nadia was not around.

Interestingly, the voice sounded very much like that of Nadia so NEWS-ONE promised to call back in exactly an hour's time. When the paper called back, the call was picked alright but the person on the other side did not say anything when NEWS-ONE spoke.

A text message was sent to her phone but she did not reply and eventually the phone was switched off. Nadia, until recently, was known to be in a relationship with Michael Essien of Chelsea and Black Stars fame. Not long after they were reported to have separated, Nadia started wearing a sparkling ring on the ring finger of her left hand.

She has been spotted wearing this sparkling ring at a number of official programs and now Dede is said to be the one who gave her the ring and that the two would soon get married.

'It's my little secret. I'm not sharing that…,' was all Nadia Buari told myjoyonline when she was questioned about her new sparkling ring on her ring finger at an event. NEWS-ONE checks have revealed that though both Nadia and Dede are Muslims, she is about seven years older than him.

While Nadia, daughter of Alhaji Sidiku Buari of MUSIGA fame, was born in November 1982, Dede, son of Abedi Pele, was born in December 1989.

Nadia, in an earlier interview with NEWS-ONE, was rather slippery on the subject of marriage. 'I want to establish myself well before I get married. Before you become somebody's wife you must have your own life. I have to work so hard to get to this point of my life and I am going to continue because I don't think I have achieved enough or what I want to achieve.

Marriage kind of pulls you down. It demands a lot and I am not willing to relax, I want to work harder and get somewhere.

I will get married but not any time soon. Probably couple of years, I am not sure. But anyway, hey! You never know. I may say this now but tomorrow may come with something different,' Nadia told NEWS-ONE in that interview at Akosombo.

In that interview, Nadia explained that though her fans would want to know what is going on in her life, the media should be cautious and respect her privacy, saying she considers matters concerning her relationship private. 'I feel that part of me is very personal, very private so it should stay that way. What I am bringing to the public is the movies.

It is what I am doing, my career is my job. That is what we should be talking about. I don't like to talk about my private life and so I don't want my private life out there. 'I am extremely quiet because I am a very shy person. You will never know me until you get close to me and you will know the kind of person I am,' she noted.

She would, however, not talk about her alleged collapsed relationship with Michael Essien and speculations that she had a child with a Holland-based Ghanaian.

Nadia Buari is undoubtedly one of the topmost actresses on the screens. She has become a household name in Africa, especially in Ghana and Nigeria and has close to 80 movies to her credit. She received two nominations for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy-Source: NewsOne

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