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Should I Forgive Him?

06.08.2010 LISTEN
By Graphic Ghana - Daily Graphic

We've been dating for almost two years. Last two weeks we had our wedding and at the reception, an old friend who I hadn't seen in long time showed up and surprised me.

We hugged and when we caught the eye of my husband, I introduced them to each other. My husband got mad and ordered the old friend to leave the reception.

He virtually disgraced him. I was embarrassed and I can't forgive him. Should I?

Mabel, Accra

Dear Mabel,

what do you mean by 'I can’t forgive him'? Well, if you can’t forgive him then I don’t know how you are going to spend the rest of your life with him.

Girlfriend, you should take a cue from what happened and know that you are married to a jealous man.

Yes, he embarassed you but you’ve got to forgive him and enjoy your married life.

Let him know that he hurt you when he did that and I am sure he will apologise. It is too early in your relationship to be holding grudges.

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