In Developing News:Oh My God! So Batman Samini Has Engaged 2 Women In 2 Years & Has A Kid With Each Huh?


After publishing a confirmed engagement between the Ghanaian Musician Batman Samini and the mother of his 6 months old baby 'Mercy Geker' which took place last weekend in London, has received several emails and phone calls from various people alleging that somewhere in 2009, this same Batman Samini under 'Ghanaian customary marriage' engaged one 'Sister Christiana' the mother of his 6 years old daughter.

Gosh!! We are still chasing this up as one of the callers from Canada claimed to be a good friend of 'Sister Christiana', the lady Samini allegedly engaged in 2009 and the mother of Toyila Samini (Batman's 6 years old child). We know for a fact that Samini has a 6 year old child out there, but for the customary marriage bit with the mother of this child, hmmmm.

Does this denote that Samini has successfully engaged two young Ghanaian women in 2 years after having babies with them? Indeed, Fame and Money can do a lot in Ghana. We are 100% certain about the last weekend engagement but finding it difficult to accept the customary marriage which took place last year between this same Batman Samini and Sister Christiana, a Ghanaian born Canadian resident. Why do you think we find it difficult to believe this?. This is just too much for us all....

Keep reading as the story is on a developing edge, we are waiting for some photos some few individuals have promised us to help credit these assertions. Do you know of anything or got any photo evidence? Chip it to us.

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