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Rocky Dawuni

By Reagan Odei Ofosu
Rocky Dawuni
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His name can never be forgotten or written off on the reggae map or the minds of the individual reggae enthusiasts.As in raising the name and image of mother Ghana, he is one proud son that Ghanaians will always remember and be proud of.Rocky Dawuni as he is affectionately called in a chit-chat with flex newspaper, exclusively revealed the his secrets and inspirations in his career as a reggae artiste.After staying in europe for sometime, Rocky is in his elements again with a new album which he said is yet to be launched officially.The reggae specialist in his words with flex, have this to say to his fans and to the world as on

• Tell me about your experience as a Reggae artist?

It has been a beautiful struggle to bring my brand of reggae all around the world. From my beginnings here in Ghana I always new that I had to progress and rise on my own terms since my ultimate intention is to use my music as a tool of upliftment. This journey has led to concerts in places as diverse as Israel, Palestine, Bali Indonesia, Europe.

• How did you start, when and where?
My start was on the campus of Legon in the late nineties with a group of amazing musicians. We were called Local Crises. I moved on from there to pursue a solo career and travel to the US.

• Brief me on your educational background?
I studied philosophy and psychology at Legon but left during my final year to answer the call of being a musician.

• What has reggae music done in your life?
It has given me a great sense of appreciation of life. It is a musical form that aspires to articulate the everyday struggles of ordinary folks. It has strengthened my faith in God and an unquestionable belief in the goodness and righteousness is the true destiny of man.

•What else do you do apart from your professional musical career?

I am heavily involved in social causes and advocacy. I have served as a spokes personality for organizations like UNICEF, UN GLOBAL FUND and PRODUCT RED on issues ranging from clean water, sanitation, HIV, education, peace initiatives, fair-trade etc. My belief is being able to harness my artistic voice to make a difference and to impact change.

• How is your career as a reggae artist have impact on the society or the individual?

I believe through my music and advocacy I have been a sort of social catalyst in spurring individuals and organizations into action. My other focus has been to frostier religious and cultural tolerance as a means to peaceful co-existence. I have engaged religious authorities in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism all over the world , gaining understanding and fostering inter-faith dialogue.

• And how do you think it contribute to national development?

Peace is the fundamental requirement for development. If through my concerts and my work I can advance peace and inspire communities to take action then it will be a forward march towards progress.

• Do you have any regrets as a reggae artist and are you enjoying your work?

No regrets at all! I give thanks to God for strengthening my hands and giving me a voice and a platform.

• Tell me, how do people get inspired with your music?

The words and the melodies are key. When you move to the rhythm and listen to the words it is true tonic for the soul.

• What inspires you and why?
God, life and humanity! The faith that our destiny is to become true children of the Most High.

• Who is your favorite reggae artist and why?
Bob Marley, Luciano because they spread consciousness and also practiced.

• How do you see the level of reggae music in Ghana and in Africa as a whole?

It is in a low ebb right now also because the airwaves have been permitted by way to much superficial music that is used basically to turn the youths to excess materialism and consumerism. The time is now to work harder to push its profile and my new album "Hymns For The Rebel Soul" is aimed at achieving that. We live in a serious generation that requires focus and spiritual mobilization. Conscious Reggae music aspires to provide that.

• How will you compare your work here in Africa and in the Whiteman's land?

Its different sides of the same coin. I am an artist that unites and bring good people together so my work is relevant everywhere and every place.

. How will you describe this album and how many albums do you have so far?

.Any official launch or show in Ghana?
Yes we are planning a launch at Citizen Kofi right before the Independence Day concert!

.what has been your biggest show so far as a reggae artist and where was that show held?

It depends on what part of the world.. I've played in festivals in Europe to 10,000 people and of course to crowds of over 25,000 at my independence day concerts here in Ghana.

.Whats the future of Rocky?
Spreading Love , light and peace all around the world

.Is Rocky Dawuni your real name? tell me about it.
Its David Rocky Nendo Dawuni
How does Lucky Dube's death or absence done to the reggae artist and the reggae industry as a whole?

Its solidified our resolve to work harder and push further. His music lives and we all carry on his legacy.

• What are your words for your people out there?
We are the generation that has to bring light to the world. Lets rise and shine!!

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