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25.01.2010 LISTEN

We have been receiving emails asking for the meaning of some of the words used in our articles/write-up/gossips from our readers. Below is the list of the popular slangs we use and intended meanings.We keep updating as new words come up.

Attention Whore:  A person who goes to the extreme to gain the attention of others.

Bald Headed Beast:  Amber Rose
Banger:  Pretty Girl or Good  Song
Bird:  Stupid Female
Blowed:  High on weed
Burned Out:  Looking bad now, worn out, drugged out

Catch Fade : Fight
Chiefing:  Smoking some type of illegal substance

Chopping Down:  Having Sex (Especially if either of the couple is considerably bigger than the other)

Ci-ERROR:  Ciara
Damage Control:  When a  celebrity  tries to clean up their damaged image by doing something positive

Dumped On:  When a person is shot at or shot
End of Days:  A rare event that could only happen in another lifetime

Funky Chicken:  Seizures, heart attack, or drug overdose

Fu*kin' for Tracks:  A person who uses their 'assets' to gain success in the music industry

Ganked:  Stolen or stolen from
Grandma Get Up:  An outfit that you've seen or could see your grandma wearing

GTFOH:  Get the F*ck Outta Here
Gut Full Of Human:  Pregnant
'Hard-Something Tough':  Really sweating the issue or emphasizing a point

Highbeams:  crack head-bug eyes
Hit Up:  Approached aggressively
On Blast:  Something or Someone that has been exposed

On Front Street:  Some info being brought to light. (ON BLAST)

Rats:  Hood Rats (loose females)
Scripper:  Stripper
SMH:  Shakin' My Head
Stan:  Fan/Stalker…remember that Eminem song from back in the day?? 'Stan'

Surgery Slip:  When plastic surgery goes wrong or leaves someone distorted

Worser:  the worst of the worst
OMG: Oh My Gosh
Jesus Take The Wheel : Something Shocking or Drastic

Ashawo : Prostitute   

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