How I Lost My Siblings To Sickle Cell Anemia-Dj Jimmy Jatt

Source: Babajide Ogunbumi/

Celebrity DJ, Jimmy Jatt has started campaigning against the syndrome of anemia, Sickle Cell, that has become a ticket to the grave in Africa. Jimmy, recently advised some young but ripped for marriage people to be wary of some things that seem to be minor before going into relationship, things like medical records of each other and other stuff. he lost his steps brothers and sisters to Sickle cell anemia.

In his word, ''I am from a polygamous home. My parents had 10 children. My dad and his second wife were not compatible. I always tell people to look carefully before going into marriage. Love is not enough reason to get entangled in a marriage. You have to be sure that the two of you are medically compatible. You have to be sure you are not going to produce children who suffer from sickle cell anemia. Unfortunately, that is what happened between my dad and his second wife. All the children from that marriage did not survive. I have seen how much the three of them struggled stay alive, but in vain. For me, it is a lesson and I always speak out just to let people know that you don't take things for granted. Many people still think they will get lucky. People around here are fond of saying, 'God will do it.' Sometimes you need to face reality. For people like us that have experienced the trauma, we know what we are talking about.''

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