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09.10.2012 Art & Culture

Ojukwu's Interview Just Before Biafra (VIDEO)

By Agency Reporter
Ojukwu's Interview Just Before Biafra (VIDEO)
LISTEN OCT 9, 2012

History can never be changed! Like truth, NO matter how hard you try to hide it, it ALWAYS catches up to you. Nigerians ought to know Ojukwu and his band of secessionist Ibos who lead Nigeria to a war that consumed 3 M+ lives, mostly the Iboz he claimed to lead. You be the judge as he speaks in his own words. Let us have an intellectual debate on this issue Nigerians and not sentimental arguments from which there is no benefit. I will be back!

This interview gives a glimpse of ojuku's thoughts before the civil war. Although he appears to be speaking with confidence, it is clear today that all that bravado was empty posturing, like most ibos still do today. This is not the most important thing to take away from this interview. It is noteworthy to state the following:

1. Ojuku said the ibos have for a LONG time been prepared for war, and that they are READY.
2. He also said that the Nigerians are going to be surprised about what they will get, meaning they will be completely BEATEN.
3. He also stated that the WAR will not last long.

So, I ask ibos who are still defending this man, what was his plan for the war, REALLY? Ojuku, like most ibos, underestimate most other Nigerians in their intelligence, smarts, grit, business acumen which is really not a preserve of a tribe! It is an individual thing for in a family, one son can be very driven while the other is not so driven. That is why it is wisdom not to generalize. Back to the issue, can people who claim to be biafra soldiers tell Nigerians how they were prepared and if NOT, was it all about propaganda, hoping people will buy any lies, or the violence that ojuku brought will not be reciprocated by courageous, strong, brilliant and patriotic Nigerian Forces and civilians? I like to hear honest and logical opinions.

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