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08.09.2012 Stream Insights

Should you tell your partner about your admirers?

By Jide Animashun And Chinweannie Amaechi
Should you tell your partner about your admirers?
LISTEN SEP 8, 2012

It may be dangerous It's a dicey situation we've all found ourselves at some point in our relationships. Should we tell our partner that someone else admires us enough and may even be making romantic moves on us?

And to think that our part-ner will never be appreciated by someone else apart from us is something very funny too. In this age and clime where most social interactions are a click away, not to talk of the office environment and other physical environments for face to face meetings, it is imperative that daily, our social interactions will bring attention from members of the opposite sex who will find a romantic at-tachment to us to be worthwhile for them and some of them that are bold enough will actually come out and say so to us, not-withstanding the fact that some of them may even know that we are in a relationship with some-one else.

What we saw in our partner that made us fall in love with each other can and will also be seen by others who also appre-ciate the finer things in life that we cherish. If it's the way your partner smiles that you love, someone else too will love it. If it's your partner's beauty and in-telligence or maturity or any of the other things that can easily be noticed, be sure that someone else will also notice those things and will appreciate them enough in your partner to want to share that thing. It is the law of nature.

There's a popular saying that says 'something really good can-not be meant for only one person'.Now that we know that there's nothing wrong in being admired, the next question is, 'should we tell our partner that someone, maybe even a known friend, is ro-mantically interested in us?'

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