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27 July 2012 | Behind The Scence

NEW MOVIE : "From Na Dene with Love" - The Story (Behind The Scenes)

Juice Bigfellow

"From Na Dene with Love" - The Story
Nollywood fans and critics across the world have long anticipated a picture with the suspense and thrill replicating Hollywood standards, and what would also reflect the industry's recent growth and increase in production, from the mainland Africa and elsewhere.

For Director Otoo Ankrah aka Tribe Judah this demand couldn't have come at a better time, as his undaunted ambition to raise the stakes prompted him to piece together this highly anticipated thriller.

Made up of virtually unknown characters, this film, shot in New York City and New Jersey has a synopsis indicative of TV/CSI type of setting. Tribe Judah's main goal is to establish new faces within the industry, yet gathering the best among the unknown. After recruiting young creative director and musician Juice Bigfellow as director of photography, as well as CSI Miami and Soldier Boy star Cedrick Terrell, this film started production in June 2011, with its lead star Paul Asher T of 'Paparazzi eye in the Dark' and 'Black Money' fame leading a cast made up of Jamaican, American & African nationals. This motion picture is also predominantly made up of Ghanaians including 3G Mogul MrCnn.

Fighting crime is always a major concern for law enforcement officials in every city and as this film depicts a lot of that, the nature of the crimes committed and the kind of perpetrators involved certainly brought out the best in all the cast in their respective roles.

Stay tuned for the world premiere of 'From Na Dene with Love' - Produced by RAPSOCO MEDIA

Also starring Naa Dene Baddoo, Jimmy Dogbe, Bridget Yeboah, Louisa Yeboah, Jacqueline Kusi, Liz Ade, Tilly Beng, May Vanderpuye among others.

Music Courtesy Juice Bigfellow (Produced by Karltin Bankz)

quot-img-1“You're so pretty as the apple blooms again for joy that you give. (Tu es si jolie que la pomme - Refleurit pour joie que tu donnes.)”

By: Charles de Leusse quot-img-1