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SPIRIT OF NIGERIA AWARDS... recognising true Nigerian patriots

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By Theodora Pr,media & Consultancy

At this point in the history of Nigeria, we are in dire need of role models. Over 50 years into our post colonial era, Nigeria is still besieged with myriad economic and social malaise. The country beckons for a great revival of role models that will lead us to the land of our collective aspirations. We have witnessed some of the exploits of these great men and women in the past. They have sacrificed self for their community.

These patriots have placed the interest of others before theirs. Such men and women take pride in being Nigerian men and women, and they fly our flag high in any part of the world at all times. NCUK has therefore deemed it important that such men and women are given special recognition just so others can emulate them and together we can forge a united front and lift our nation to the pinnacle of our dreams.

To say Nigeria is a gifted country with super abundance in all ramifications is an understatement. Our endowment stretches from human to natural resources. However, what we have experienced in the last over 50 years of our post independence has been that of unequal and uneven share of the resources we have been gifted by God. There has been a widespread cataclysm as a result of the said imbalance amongst the citizens. Corruption and ineptitude are rife amongst the populace. Against this backdrop, patriotism is seldom the lest of people's worries as they constantly strife to satisfy their yawning mouths; in the case of the masses. The oligarchies that have the control of the country's resources and in whose hands the masses have placed their fate have managed to plunder both the collective sweats of the people and their God given entitlements.

It therefore becomes nearly impossible to find people of honour and patriots who will, in spite of the unpalatable economic and social status of our dearly beloved country be ready to make selfless contributions towards the growth and development Nigeria. However, some individuals have distinguished themselves by placing the interest of the nation first before theirs. They have done a lot to put our country on the road to economic and social recovery. These said Nigerians have disregarded the status quo and made meaningful and significant contributions without expecting any immediate gratification.

A vast majority of them live in abject poverty and the few others that have managed to make it despite the apparent challenges are never seen let alone recognised for their contributions to nation building. These individuals are the pride of any nation. Nigeria has a handful of them both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. The niche they have carved for themselves embodies what true patriotism is all about. In the face of international discredit and scorn for the widespread corruption prevalent in the Nigerian State, a simple gesture of transparency and accountability can be measured as an act of patriotism. The true spirit of patriotism dwells in those that believe in the unification of the Nigerian State and work diligently for her good without looking for immediate gratification.

To honour those who have placed the nation before self and given us a good name among the comity of nations, we have decided to create a special recognition award tagged THE SPIRIT OF NIGERIA AWARD (SON) isfor the said excellent individuals who have done us proud in the last 51 years of our existence as a federated country. There are no specific areas of endeavours in considering who gets recognised. For the maiden edition, we are giving out seven (7) awards to deserving recipients. Two (2) of which we have prerogative to nominate; the other five (5) categories are thrown to the people to decide who gets what.

For example we have decided to honour Pa Michael Akinkunmi, the designer of the present national flag. The flag is our national and international symbol. It is therefore pertinent that we honour the man from whose mind this symbol of national cohesion is crafted. This act, we believe will encourage our children and others in terms of nation building. We have also decided to honour one of son of the soil from the Nigeria community in the United Kingdom.

The other five categories can come from the field of Civil/ military service to sports, entertainment, traders and Charity organisation etc.


Mission statement
To recompense national service and endorse the spirit of patriotism at all times in Nigeria.

- To honour those who have placed the nation before self and given us a good name among the comity of nations

- To establish a feeling of devotion to country and its Institutions, the Constitution of Nigeria, and respect for our Flag.

- To encourage cross cultural harmony, fellowship, and friendship among Nigerians

- To preserve the ancient traditions and unique identity of our motherland.

- To foster community spirit in all our regions.
Please let us know who you think deserves to be honoured for whatever role/roles they have played towards shaping Nigeria for the better. Please send in your nominations with their names, titles and achievements to: [email protected]

For more information please contact Miss Fatima Jabbe on 07404308427 or Miss Theodora Ibekwe on 07943823292

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