EXCLUSIVE: Why Tchidi Chikere Broke Up With Sophia**Actress, Nuella Njubigbo Fingered

Source: Osaremen Ehi James/Nigeriafilms.com

The last may not be heard of the 9-year old marriage break up between top actor cum producer and director, Tchidi Chikere and his actress wife, Sophia.

According to a private investigation carried out by Nigeriafilms.com, trouble started between Tchidi and Sophia when Nuella Njubigbo worked with Tchidi on a movie set sometimes last year.

"You see, Tchidi and Sophia have been hiding their marriage problems from the press. People started feeding Sophia with rumour that her husband was having a hot romance with Neulla.

She confronted him but this got Tchidi more angry. He told her she needed not to confront him of whoever he is dating, an industry source told Nigeriafilms.com.

We learnt that Sophia has tried to beg Tchidi to do away with Nuella, but Tchidi had made it clear that he is set to take Nuella as his second wife, a decision Sophia is not happy about.

The last straw was pulled when Sophia insisted that Tchidi must leave Sophia. She was said to have given him an option to take any other lady as a second wife but Tchidi insisted on marrying Nuella. The decision to quit the marriage with Sophia, as we were told was solely Tchidi's idea.

We were also told that Tchidi has already asked Nuella's hand in marriage, which Nuella has already agreed to. An industry insider told Nigeriafilms.com that the marriage rites might take place in the last quarter of this year.

There are still more revelations we would give out as this story unfolds.

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