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21 February 2012 | AMEBO

Mc Oluomo’s Lieutenant In Hot Romance With Madam Saje

Akinnagbe Akintomide
Mc Oluomo’s Lieutenant In Hot Romance With Madam Saje

There is nothing new again in the entertainment world.What can only amaze people are those that are involved.

Late last year,we broke the story of how one of the top players and executive member of the National Union of Road Transport Workers,NURTW,Musiliu Akinsanya also known as MC Oluomo sent top Yoruba movie actresses,Madam Saje and Wunmi to Mecca.

Back then,we gathered that both of them approached this gentle and easy going guy for assistance and he did so without any condition.Of course,many were of the opinion that he was dating one of them but nothing like that happened from our investigation.

Recently,the rumor mill went to town on how Madam Saje's car was acquired.

The first version of the story had it that Madam Saje and Wunmi were introduced to MC by one of his lieutenants known as Kokonzari.Then later agreed to assist them secure their heart desires but based on the premise that one of them will compensate him in kind.

The source said further that after the compensation,the lieutenant who is also loaded continued to enjoyed the ball from Madam Saje and that when she made a request for a car,Kokonzari did not blink an eye lid as he made available N900,000 for the car.

The other version of the story is that Madam Saje met Kokonzari on the day she and Wunmi went to see MC Musiliu and jokingly,Kokonzari collected her number and promised to pay her a visit.One thing led to another and the result was the bus he bought for Madam Saje

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