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06.02.2011 Stream Insights

Susan Peters’ childhood dream

By Olumide Segun
Susan Peters’ childhood dream
LISTEN FEB 6, 2011

Susan Peters Do you know that Susan Peters did not set out to be a movie star? Well, that was not what she dreamt of becoming initially. Although the Domino star loved fashion as a growing up kid, she never thought of becoming a model either. Despite spending lonely years as a child, she wanted to fly around the world as an air-hostess. “I wanted to be an air-hostess. That was my dream because I used to see the British Airways cabin crew with their miniskirts, caps, prim and proper uniform. I loved that so much. So I used to dream of becoming an air-hostess one day,” she disclosed.

But that dream was not to be. As it turned out, fate had another plan in store for Susan, who later became a model. "I was supposed to go for a course in aviation school and the airline that was meant to sponsor us said they won't because they felt we might come out of the school and join another airline. So I just got discouraged." It was after her hope of becoming an air-hostess was dashed that she enrolled in a film school. Then she got her first movie role in 2002. Do not however imagine that Susan's love for the air-hostess uniform has anything to do with the skimpy dresses that have become her style.

The petite actress, who adorns billboards as well as captures attention on the silver screen, would readily tell you that her current style of dressing comes a long way – way back when she was a kid. "My upbringing has nothing to do with my lifestyle. I've loved skimpy dresses from when I was small. It's my life style." But the pretty model cum actress, who has modelled in the billboard adverts for corporate organisations such as Bank PHB, Fidelity Bank among others, is one person who believes that Nollywood movies have improved in terms of content. As she puts it: "Our movies are different from the way it used to be. The storylines have changed. We have done great. I've never been part of a bad movie."

As for her current single status, Susan, who is still climbing the acting ladder, says she is not waiting for mister right. In her words: "There is no mister right anywhere. If I'm waiting for mister right, that means I would get old and not get married. I'm not waiting for mister right. A woman should just pray that the good man with a good heart would come to her."

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