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07.02.2011 Nollywood Glamour

African Fabrics

By Sheilagombya
African Fabrics
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Did you know we have different countries in Africa that produce different fabrics,everyone has it own specialty,we have African Printed Fabrics like (Super Prints, Kanga which is from Tanaznia, Kitenge From Lagos Nigeria, Leso, Capalona, Java Prints, Paharias & other varieties of Wax Prints)

Now check this out:When it comes to footwear the bright, bold, and beautiful--and sustainable design, of course! New York-based Osborn Design, makers of fair trade shoes made in Guatamala from African Kente cloth, recycled clothing, and handwoven Guatemalan fabrics, has collaborated with fashion label Boxing Kitten, known for their use of vibrant African wax block print fabrics, on a limited-edition shoe for summer--sure to brighten up your Legs.

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