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Can you go out without wearing pant?

Rachael Agunta And Nkechi Chima
1 January 2011 | Touch Of Thoughts

Pant is one such item that is found in people's wardrobes whether man or woman. It has a way of making one comfortable when dressed up. For men, pants help them to pack their manhood well. Women can't afford not to wear pants as they help to hold their buttocks from making movements as they walk. However, people now choose whether to wear pants or not. These are their reasons below.

Tony Okeke
I can go out without wearing pants. It is only when I think blue that my organ will misbehave. If I am not thinking blue, I cannot be roused. It is good sometimes for men to be free.

MaRgAret Abraham
It is not normal for a woman to go out without wearing a pant. Morally too, it is not ideal. God that designed pants is not foolish so, we have to be wearing them. I grew up to see myself wearing a pant, so I do not need to stop. I will not also be comfortable if I don't.

Shola Erebowale
I cannot step an inch from my house without wearing a pant. I have never tried it and I will not consider it. There may be some women that go out without having their pants on but it depends on their motive. It is not also that I cannot sit properly but what if one falls? What if the unimaginable happens and your dress is torn? I don't like it at all.

Dickson Isioma
It is not always good for one to go out without having pants on but at times it is good. It mustn't be a pant. These days, men wear boxers in place of pants. So, if you cannot wear a pant, at least wear boxers. But it is not always good for men to have tight wears. Going out without pants depends on my mood. If I go out without pants and see something that would rouse me, I will leave the environment immediately.

Chubuzor Nduka
It is not compulsory for men to wear pants. I have heard severally that too much of covering on the part of men makes some to be sterile. If that is true, then it is not too good for men. We can be pardoned for not wearing pants. I also think that it is why men have resorted to wearing boxers, which is a bit free. I can wear and at other times, decide not to wear.

Abraham Moses
No, I cannot go out without wearing pants. I have never tried it. There are lots of disadvantages attached to that. Apart from being roused, you can be wounded in a case of fight if it comes unexpectedly.

Ibe Glory
I can't go out without wearing a pant because I wouldn't feel comfortable. In fact, my dressing would be incomplete.

Chomzy Womzy
No! it doesn't show any sign of responsiveness for a woman to go out dressed without wearing a pant. I will feel so loose inside even if I'm wearing a jeans. I must definitely wear my pant to balance my dressing because it is the pant that protects your bottom from shaking when you are walking. You will draw people's attention when you go out without wearing a pant and it is not good.

Anita ChrisTopher
I can't go out without wearing a pant because I wouldn't feel comfortable, I will feel so naked inside. Why should a woman go out without wearing a pant? Though I have some ladies do it whenever they are wearing a pair of jeans but I can't do it for anything in the world.

Cece Okonkwo
Why should a woman go out without wearing a pant? I think as a decent girl, nothing will make me leave my parents' home without wearing a pant.

Oke Okonkwo
Do you want my private part to be ringing bell when I'm walking? Though I don't wear a pant but boxers because that is what is in vogue for men. Real men no longer wear pants. So, it is very obvious that if a man doesn't wear boxers or a pant, he wouldn't be comfortable. So, I can't go out without wearing a pant.

Chibuike Madu
Nothing will make me go out without wearing a pant because I wouldn't feel comfortable. Even my trousers wouldn't forgive my action because I didn't wear a pant or boxers to prevent my penis from dancing round my trousers.

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