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27.09.2019 Entertainment

Dibi Dobo brings traditional Benin music back with his hit "Vézé Vézé"

After the hit "Mamacita" featuring Mister May D of Nigeria, Dibi Dobo is back!He had been discreet about his musical projects. But in recent weeks, the singer has finally unveiled a new single entitled "Vézé Vézé". By featuring KmiKz, he contributes to the rise of a nascent star of the Beninese scene and to the promotion of artists from his home. "vézé vézé" is a beautiful music with a perfect blend of Soyoyo and Afrobeat.This sound that inevitably makes you want to dansetakes you in a purely African and root rhythm that the two artists propose here. The message is universal and simple: no need to be rich before celebrating, chilling the African way, with 500 francs everyone is "high", in other words "vézé".

Currently in Italy, everything is smiling right now to the artist Dibi Dobo who is collaborating with the Italian Foundation Buona Nascita on behalf of the Soyimavo Music Foundation. About the "Vézé Vévé" hit, he told us: "It's not that I can't sing in French or English, but I have a vision for the future, where Africa is self-confident and assertive on the international stage. I sing in the language that conveys my thoughts, it's my vision. I want it to reflect the potential of a powerfull Africa that's on the way.

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