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11 September 2017 | Touch Of Thoughts

Ananse and the Gum Statue (Proverbs)

Ananse and the Gum Statue (Proverbs)

Yaanom, mema mo akwaaba, mekyea mo nyinaa! Oh my days it is so good to be back, I know it has been like forever, but your girl has been busy on a whole bunch of things, of which I will share with you in future videos. But as for now, today we will be talking about Akan proverbs. I have always found it so interesting and fascinating when people around me can speak in proverbs.

There is so much wisdom there and I thought It was about time, I start learning and I have chosen to take you all along with me on this learning journey. Before we dive right in, do enjoy the video below. I will be narrating the story of Ananse and the Gum Statue whiles implementing some popular Akan proverbs. Enjoy!

1. "Obi Nnim Obrempon Ahyease"
This proverb means nobody knows the beginning of a great man. See nowadays it has become so normal and easy to judge people by their momentarily situation… but the truth of the matter is, we can never predict just how successful someone may turn out tomorrow, next month or one year from now. We are supposed to respect everybody, no matter how young or little, regardless of anything, because you may never know who you just might be having in front of you.

2."Anoma Anntu A, Obua Da"
This proverb means he who wants to eat, needs to work for it. You can also interpret this on a larger scale. If you want to accomplish something in life, that comes with hard work. Nothing in life, that is worth fighting for comes easy, if it did come easy, then it wasn't that valuable in the first place... very wise proverb.

3."Aboa Bi Beka Wo A, Na Ofiri Wo Ntoma Mu"
This proverb means that the ones that will hurt you, are usually the ones closest to you. The people who are not close to you are usually not in the position to hurt you, because they are simply put not close to you (emotionally). It is usually the ones closest to you, the ones you trust, that just might hurt you. This proverb teaches us to be careful.

4."Agoro Beso A, Efiri Anopa"
This proverb means that you can tell how successful a venture or an event will be right from the get-go, or from the start. Party-wise I'm not sure this is usually the case, parties tend to be much more fun than when they start out, which is usually boring. But businesswise, when people come prepared and everything is set in the right place, it does look like it will be a successful meeting.

5."Obi Nnim A, Obi Kyere"
This proverb means, if someone does not know, someone teaches. Meaning there is goodness in sharing knowledge and wisdom, what is the point of keeping it all to yourself anyways.

6."Woamma Wo Yonko Antwa Nkron A, Wo Nso Wontwa Du"
This proverb means that if you plot for downfall of your fellowman, that eventually you will reap what you sow. Do not wish bad things upon people because tables have a way of turning at some point in time… and you do not want to be at the receiving end of that, so beware…

7."Praye, Se Woyi Baako A Na Ebu, Wokabomu A Emmu"
This proverb means there is strength in unity, as tempting as it is to just do things by yourself because you think working together in groups may slow you down, but you'll be surprised to find that it can actually be very beneficial, working together is better.

8."Animguase Mfata Okanni Ba"
This proverb means that disgrace does not befit an Akan, or a man in general. Nobody likes to be in the center of disgrace, let's face it… it just not cute, so we have to try our best to stay out of trouble and do the right thing.

Narrating this story was definitely fun, I hope you guys thought the same, do let me know what your favorite proverbs are in the comments box below. Until then, take care of yourselves, be nice to one another and see you in the next one!

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