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Trend Alert: 8 footwears every man should have

By The Cable/Nigeria
Trend Alert: 8 footwears every man should have
LISTEN JAN 11, 2017

As far–fetched as it seems, most people make “shoe contact” even before they make “eye contact”.

Many of us are guilty of this.
For unexplainable reasons, it is very easy to psychoanalyse a person based on their footwear, however, picking the appropriate footwear can be very challenging for men.

Not to worry, TheCable Lifestyle is here to help.
First, you must consider the occasion, the relevance of the shoe to the occasion, and your comfort.

Here are the top footwear picks for specific events.

Sandals have become the new footwear for weddings and parties

Going to a Nigerian wedding is an opportunity to don your best traditional attire and you're definitely not going to be wearing Oxfords on your dashiki or baban riga.

Our top pick is the black chain flip flop sandals.

Penny loafers and school are like 5 and 6
When you're walking from classroom to classroom and running after different teachers, comfort becomes top priority.

Regardless of how fashion forward you'd like to be, you'll need a shoe that will not slow you down during the day.

Our top pick for a school shoe is the penny loafers.

Semi-formal with no laces and maximum comfort.
Perfect fit for the corporate man
Our focus here is the corporate society where you're expected to be absolutely formal.

Comfort is low on the priority list. You need a shoe that asserts your dominance in the workplace.

Top pick is the black cap toe Oxford.
Having a black and brown pair is important for the sake of variety.

For time-out with friends
Those weekends when you get to hang out with the boys over beer, games and football, you'll need to feel relaxed and still look good.

Top pick is post high shine trainers.
It comes in different colors but looks classy in white.

Casual kicks
Heading to the beach? This is as casual as it gets especially if you don't want to wear slippers.

Our top pick is the espadrilles.
Very light, it's almost like you're walking bare feet.

Fitness footwear for men
This is easy to wear to the gym or a while going for a run.

Nowadays, footwear companies pay a great deal of attention to designing shoes that will optimise your physical performance.

Top pick is the roshe trainers.
For cocktail parties and galas
You want to dress to impress but you can't if you step out looking like a mess.

When going for events with hundreds of people in attendance, there's only one choice to make.

Brogues are easy on a suit and also they also go well with jeans. The rest is up to you.

Top pick is the high shine Oxford brogues.
Perfect for a club night out
When you think “clubbing”, you think fun, but in reality, you should be thinking functionality.

If you consider having to move your body, you'll need a footwear that will grant you that freedom and still make you looking smashing.

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