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Human Mannequins: Sarah Ayim Talks Vlisco Experience & Fitting Models

Human Mannequins: Sarah Ayim Talks Vlisco Experience & Fitting Models
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It takes an odd sort of job to elicit the reaction YOU DO WHAT?!? And throughout this post, I will be showing you a few of the weirdest

Imagine spending every working day playing dress-up for a living. And when Kim Kardashian dresses up, designers take note. For instance, she wore a lacy bustier with high-waisted jeans on trip to Miami recently and it was news all over the globe! She’s worked there for about a decade.

A couple of years ago, the fashion industry in Ghana saw many unpleasant scenes but today we can talk of the many awards schemes aimed to promote fashion, the many runway shows and of course the recent music beef where jabs led to the mention of GTP and Woodin. We are yet to experience more; even from fitting models to live mannequin in the Ghanaian fashion industry as the Winner of “LIVEINSIDE AND WIN THE RIDE CHALLENGE“ reality show Sarah Ayim shares with us her experience as a human mannequin.

New trends are taking the place of the old things. And so are models being accepted and understood as persons who serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works of arts.

Sarah Ayim best known as “Sarah Sarah”; a top model who works hard trying to position her new sense in fashion to top sectors has chanced upon time to appreciate being a mannequin.

But unlike mannequins, Sarah can actually move, which comes in handy to showcase more of what the fitting models cannot display.

“I’m basically a live mannequin,” she said. “I basically need to be your standard size thus chest, size of waist.”

And it helps to have perfect posture and ideal proportions. Sarah is tailor-made for the job. She reports back on how the clothes performed, even how they feel, which itself can be uncomfortable.

“I used to fit underwear, And those were always interesting fittings,” Sarah laughed. “Everybody can tell when something doesn’t fit properly. So there’s been some of those embarrassing moments.”

According to Sarah, being a fitting model is steady work, and models can make quite an amount if taken serious. But the job depends on perfection. She can’t gain or lose one inch, which explains her team of personal trainers.

“I started modeling as a live­ mannequin when I had a contract with Vlisco. Before then, it was just me on runways or just some cameras shots for promotions.”

“The thought of a human mannequin sounded very funny at first time, but I saw the opportunity to make something interesting out of it since it’s a new trend Africa is now embracing.”

While she’s enjoying her roles as a live mannequin, she stated “it’s an unusual job and the dramatic part of fashion which gives you room to showcase more than just being on the runway.”

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