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My Parents Say 'No'

17.06.2009 LISTEN
By Daily Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty,

I am a girl of 17 who has completed JHS. A boy proposed to me and I accepted it. I love the boy very much but my parents do not want to see him.

They argue that he has a different religion from mine. But I don’t want to end the relationship. What should I do?

Tina, Akwatia.

Dear Tina,

At your age you should be more concerned about where to go after JHS, rather than worry yourself over boy/girl relationships.

Your parents have expressed their disapproval over your relationship so why don’t you listen to them?

Besides, this is not the time for you to go through such problems. You need a lot of time for your studies so that you can build a career for yourself and be self-sufficient in future. For now, think about how to enter the SHS and continue to the university.

Once you are mature, you can think of whom to marry. It will surprise you that by the time you are ready to marry you would have lost interest in this boy. So do what is right for you now as a child and forget about him.

It may seem difficult now because you believe you’re in love but if you decide to end it, you can. Do your best stay away from him and you’ll get over him.

At your age, you are likely to be attracted to a lot of boys and young men so take hold of your emotions and don’t jump into relationships now. They will only bring you trouble you can’t handle, okay!

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