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13 April 2016 | Opinion/Feature

Drop That ‘Bomb’…!!!

Shadrack K. Datrey Akrofi-Quarcoo

Welcome to this International 'Drop that Bomb’ day…!!!

Q1. Which would you rather prefer to be: A bomb or A jet???

Q2. Why choose the option you have?
Now that you have chosen your preferred option and have your reasons for your preferred choice, let’s proceed to examine few interesting thoughts below:

Science has shown extensively that, essentially, the basic materials used in producing bombs and jets are just about the same!

For example, basic items such as gas cylinders or aerosol cans, nitro and some uranium/plutonium etc are quite common between jets and bombs!

Literally taken, this could be worrying; because sitting in jets and crafts could almost equal sitting on/in 'time-bombs'!!!

But suddenly, we notice a difference...
While one of the two (jets/crafts☺) makes most people’s lives happier/relaxed/simpler, the other (bombs) seems to exert untold pressure and panic in people most atimes...!

In summary then, my question again is:
Are you a jet/craft or a bomb?
Are you making people lives better off, or worse off???

Be a Jet/craft today...!!!
Drop That BOMB!!!
Make lives BeTTeRtoDAY..!!!
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( [email protected] , 0266 650 605)

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