24.01.2016 Touch Of Thoughts

3 Subtle Lies That We Tell Ourselves

By Kwabena Brako-Powers (Author, Blogger, Life-Enthusiast, Traveler)
3 Subtle Lies That We Tell Ourselves
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We have all bought into something(s), and whatever this is, it is having a kill on us. We came into this life limitless – seeing no inhibitions to our thoughts and actions. We were brimming with fervor, and entertained no obstacle to what we imagined. Everything, in our lives, was achievable and possible even in the face of seemingly fierce opposition.

Then, we allowed perceptions, make-beliefs and the limitations of others to dictate our own accomplishments. We now question the might of the thoughts we held in our minds. Nothing, absolutely, could be more tragic than this. Could you remember doing something that dazzled your parents when you were young? The greatest of all victories, in this life, is the victory over the self.

I have identified 3 subtle lies that we’re all guilty of consoling ourselves with – it’s been a mind virus for centuries, and it’s about time we stopped referring to them.

#1: Life is a race
Unless you are in this life for someone else, life holds no appeal to you. Life is not a race, it’s a pace. You are not in competition with anyone other than the self. So finding your own pace, or rhythm is key. Do not let someone else’s life dictate your pace. What may not be obvious to you is what keeps that person moving – his talent, motivation, and sacrifice. You don’t expect to achieve XYZ by sitting in your couch smoking your life away. You need to make a move. Everything you want will require you to make sacrifice – time, money, loneliness, sweat, and tears. The moment you decides to refrain from making sacrifices, that’s the day you chose to live a mediocre life. Nothing is free here, at least not now. May be in the next life. If someone decides to offer you free lunch, better watch the food. Perhaps the destruction to your identity is buried inside.

#2: I am not as talented as X
Hmm. I’d rather have you not to be saying this to yourself or in front of your children. We are all scripted, and have self-defeating beliefs of ourselves. Most of the things that were sold to us through the media stand today in our conscience as remnants of yesterday’s propaganda. There’s another way this lie is used; ‘Mr. X is more talented.’ Really? First, it’s important to remark that everyone has been endowed with gift(s), and while some spend time honing this gift, others have left it to fallow. It’s persons of the latter category who refer to the former as ‘more talented’. If the blade of a knife is not kept sharpened continually, it loses its sharpness. In the same fashion, an unused talent is as good as dead.

#3: If I get more time I would do X
This is about funny as it could be. You cannot get more time other than the one you already have. We have been entrusted with 24 hours in each day to get our most coveted dreams realized. However, many people end the day without having achieved most of the basic, yet important things on their to-do-list. You can’t get someone else’s time. What you need to do – is to learn how to manage yourself, and this means your time. You have to manage your relationship with time. You can do this by prioritizing your schedules according to urgent (U), important (I), less urgent (LU), and less important (LI). When you are done, always endeavor to attend to the urgent (U) things before doing the less important things (LI). Always decide to do the things which will inch you closer to accomplishing your dream. Know: life requires progress of you, and the day you fail to make progress, that’s the day you stopped growing. That means, you will lose.

Folks there you have it – 3 subtle lies we tell ourselves. We all have to guard the things we allow into our minds. We need to stand against persons, and/or things that want to ruin our lives through suggestions which are mind virus. Remember: whatever life we live, is our own and nobody’s. Let us be cautious the consequences of the life we choose.

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