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Fascinating Facts About Our Brain

By Vanessa Danso
Fascinating Facts About Our Brain
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Ah… our brain… a 1.5kg weighing organ that consists of 60% fat. But how much do you really know about it other than the fact that it…well…controls just about anything in your body. Before I hit you with the 10 most fascinating facts about the human brain, I think it’d might be useful to give you a bit of a global tour through your different brain departments and get you familiar with what goes on where, so here we go.

Some Orientation Inside Your Own Brain
The brain is globally divided up in 4 lobes. The “Frontal” lobe is responsible for motivation, cognition, organizing, analyzing and problem solving. So you could say that this part has a conductive, executive function. The “Parietal” lobe is responsible for integrating information received from our senses. So smells, taste, sight, hearing and touch. Also our language and analytical abilities are located in this area. The “Occipital” lobe is responsible for integration as well as processing of visual information. Interestingly this is also the part where dreams originate. The “Temporal” lobe is responsible for long term memory and our emotions. Then there are 2 other important parts of the brain; the “cerebellum”, which is responsible for your motor functions. So motion and coordination. And lastly the brain stem which serves as a warning system, and makes us alert of everything, also responsible for breathing and heartrate.


Fascinating Facts About Your Brain

  1. Did you know that when you’re awake the human brain produces enough electricity to power a lightbulb? Yep, that’s right! This awesome organ can generate between 10 and 25 Watts! (source)
  2. Did you know that your actual brain cannot feel pain? That’s because the brain has no pain receptors. But it’s rather your nerves and muscles in your brain that can feel pain.(source)
  3. Did you know that new brain connections are formed every time you form a new memory? Live life to the max and form new memories!(source)
  4. Did you know that the brain uses 20% of your total oxygen supply and blood in your body? Funny right, since the brain is just about 2% of total body weight, but yet it requires so much energy.(source)
  5. Did you know the brain releases so much dopamine during orgasms that a brain scan resembles that of someone on heroin? Now that is enormously interesting!(source)
  6. Did you know that you have about a whopping 70.000 thoughts per day? Uuuuhhhm…okay WOW! (source)
  7. Did you know that there are about a 100.000 miles of blood vessels going through your brain?(source).Simply amazing.
  8. Did you know that laughing is actually not as simple as it seems? It requires activity of 5 different parts of the brain.(source)
  9. Did you know that men have bigger brains than women? However… women have more nerve cells and connectors which makes females a tad more efficient than males (sorry guys…smiling here).(source)
  10. Ok last bit… Did you know your brain is more active when you’re sleep than when you’re awake? Yea…scientists believe that this is the time where the brain can wrap its mind about everything that has happened during the day (interesting choice of words I know, wink wink).(source)

I hope this article was as interesting for you to read as it was for me to write lol. If you have any more fascinating facts about our brain, then do post them below, would love to hear them!

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