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5 Smart Tips For First-Time Hiking

5 Smart Tips For First-Time Hiking
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New Years are often accompanied by resolutions to improve on certain skills, learn new ones, invest in profitable hobbies amongst others. Some of these skills could include swimming which is a pretty important survival skill, biking which many people didn’t get a chance to learn while growing up and hiking which ought to build endurance of those who engage in it.

Setting new heights to scale this year and venturing out to have new adventures is a sure way to have a memorable year. If hiking is on your list of adventures to embark on this year, Jovago brings you some tips on how hike smartly and safely.

Choose your first stop

Since this is your first-time hiking, put some research into searching for your first pit-stop. Small starts like your indigenous mountain range is a great way to start and for those who like to start with a bang, test your endurance before opting to scale the Kilimanjaro . Take the nature of the hiking trail and weather into consideration as you do this.

Hike according to your endurance level

It is important to pace yourself on your first hike, choose moderate elevation levels and suitable weather conditions over the tougher one. It is your first hike so you really don’t have a lot to prove. Moderation is key in order to avoid burn out on the very first try. Also make sure keep your limitations in mind so as to avoid too much exertion from your part. You don’t want to end up with a sprained ankle or tortured back because of your first hike.

Gear up for the new adventure

This first hike is not going to be a stroll down the street. Make sure to prepare for the adventure by building your endurance before hand. Pack the essentials so you don’t end up dehydrated, sun-burned or worse.

Better safe than lost

As you embark on this first hiking trip, ensure that you stay on the designated trail at all times. It would be safer to hike in a group for the first couple of times before you become a moderate-level hiker. If you’re so fascinated to explore the surrounding areas, do so in mini-groups.

Hydration is key

Hiking is sure to test your endurance levels, be sure to stay hydrated throughout the hiking trip. Water is definitely your friend. Drink as much water as you can as you would be sweating a lot as you hike. Get some good proteins to eat as well as well. Little snacks, energy bars and enough water would be great complements for your trip.

What other useful hiking tips do you know?

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