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Keeping a Clean Home with Pets

By Natalie Millier
Keeping a Clean Home with Pets
LISTEN JAN 5, 2016

Pets can be the most precious thing. They offer love and affection, but you have to make sure you provide the right care and attend to their needs. One of the most common problems people face with pets is the need of cleaning service. The truth is that when you have a pet you definitely have to consider how you take care of cleaning, as this is a demanding chore and you have to be prepared as it's even tougher with your pet around.

Apart from accidents that may occur with your pet indoors, there is also the need to provide constant care for your home, as pets can cause quite a big mess around your home. Be it because they are more playful or simply not trained well enough, you might have a problem on your hands and it's knowing effective cleaning methods that will ensure no serious damage is done to your interior. Let's see what some of the most common problems related to cleaning with pets are and how to deal with them.

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  • Pet hair - this is considered one of the main issues with pets. Pet hair likely ends up on carpets, upholstery, floors, clothes and practically every surface it comes into contact with. It is true that some breeds do not shed any hair at all, and maintaining a no-hair home is easy with them, but other breeds can cover your floor with hairs the size of tumbleweeds. There are various methods for cleaning pet hair: vacuum cleaning, dustpans, swiffers and sticky rollers. While it is true that those can certainly aid you in tasks such as carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, it is far more effective to focus on regular grooming. Ideally you want to do regular brushing few times every week - a sure way to reduce the amount of hair that ends up where you would rather have none and is instead collected and disposed of easily. If possible, try to brush your pet outside, in order to avoid sweeping after you are done with the procedure. Dogs and cats usually love it, when you are gentle with the right brush and not cause them any discomfort.
  • Bathing - cats don't need bathing, as they do this task themselves. As for dogs, you shouldn't really overdo it with baths. Once a month at maximum is enough for them, as you don't want to dry their skin of natural oils. Bathing is not something pets enjoy, so definitely approach with caution - you should not put the animal through all of this stress just to ensure you don't have to do carpet cleaning as often.
  • Bathroom habits - definitely take your time in training your dog to do their bathroom business outside. This is not as difficult as you think, and if you are really experiencing problems, it's wise to see if there is a medical explanation. As for dealing with the stains, you have to remember two things: acting quickly can save you a lot trouble and always blot the stain, never rub or scrub. Blotting is a method for carpet cleaning that applies gentle pressure on the stain and absorbs it, which prevents further spreading and embedding into the carpet fibers. As for cats, they normally use a litter box. You have to consider cleaning it at least once a day, if you want to prevent your house from turning into a mess. Perform cleaning service on the box every week by filling it with water and scrubbing it with the appropriate detergent for this task.

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  • Keep the paws clean - when it comes to keeping the paws of your furry friend clean, there is a lot to consider. You should perform this every time you walk your dog outside. A lot of dirt and dust can end up inside your home from your dog's legs, and you don't want to deal with carpet cleaning then, especially if the weather outside was rainy. Keep a clean towel by the door and wipe the dirt away from your dog's paws. As for cats, they tend to walk basically everywhere inside your home. For this reason it is important to sanitise the countertops you use for preparing food, as there are a number of organisms and bacteria that can be spread there. Wipe any surface before you use it for food preparation.

Consider these cleaning techniques if you have a pet, as they can really save you a lot of trouble. Effective care for your pet includes a range of cleaning methods, so it's important to know them all as they are good for both you and your pet.

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