Types Of Maturity in Marriage

marriage destroys
LISTEN JUL 25, 2015
marriage destroys

Maturity does not just base on age or physical appearances, it involves a lot of things; namely

  1. Physical maturity. Anybody that wants to get marry must NOT be a teenagers, he or she must be mature physically. Marriage is neither a crèche nor a day care, it is a place of work and responsibility. Based on counseling experience, we recommend the following ages:
  • The woman to be at least 21 years
  • The man to be at least 25 years
  1. Financially maturity.
  • There must be willingness to work and provide for the family.
  • There must be regular income
  • There must be prudence
  1. Spiritual Maturity
  • Must be born again
  • Must be filled with Holy Ghost
  • Understand God's principles on marriage as it pertains to leadership, love, parenting, submission, contentment, commitment, faithfulness, responsibilities, oneness etc. (Genesis 2:24-25, Matt. 19:4-6)
  • Must pass the test in (11 Pet 1:5-9 only)
  • Quality prayer life
  • Lover of the Bible
  • Working for God
  • Quality time with God.
  1. Social Maturity. Ability to make and keep friends, willingness to say “I am sorry” when wrong, ability to commend, appreciate, and praise. Readiness to change and adjust where necessary.
  2. Moral Maturity.
  • Ability to keep to one's sex partner
  • Ability to control lust
  • Being able to manage sexuality
  1. Emotional /Psychological maturity.
  • Ability to handle anger, pride, etc
  • Control over fear, joy, love, jealously, etc
  • Display of boldness, faith, courage, tolerance, forbearance, meekness, etc.
  • Ability to manage stress/crisis
  • Doggedness in time of test and trial
  • Willingness to suffer shame for the sake of truth.

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