Why Entrepreneurs And Busy Professionals Should Eat Breakfast Every Morning

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Home & Food Why Entrepreneurs And Busy Professionals Should Eat Breakfast Every Morning
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Young entrepreneurs and busy professionals are different from everybody else. You wake up with lots of things on your mind. As soon as your eyes open, you start thinking about work. Even while asleep, your brain is thinking about the next project. No wonder a lot of you skip breakfast and hit the road as soon as you can.

But you are making a mistake says Associate Nutritionist, Irene Danquah, who recently released a book titled Become A Healthier You.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a simple reason- Throughout the night, your body was forced to fast. When you wake up, it is only natural that you give it some food. When you start your day without breakfast, what you are actually doing is forcing your body to go on a long unplanned fast, and that is not good for your health.

Skipping breakfast is a common reason for some people not being cheerful in the morning. Others lose their balance and sense of coordination, and even some find that they are unable to focus on moderate to difficult tasks. Thankfully there is a cure for all these- just eat breakfast.

A good breakfast starts your body engine, makes you lively and alert, and sets you up for success in the day.

But there is a big problem. Not everybody has enough time to prepare a full English breakfast complete with grapes. Sometimes, it is simply inconvenient to eat in the morning. So what are we supposed to do?

According to Associate Nutritionist, Irene Danquah, there are simple lifestyle changes young professionals can make so it becomes easier to eat breakfast.

First, develop an appetite for breakfast by starting with a light bite such as a finger of banana each morning. Overtime, your appetite for breakfast will increase. You can also prepare and pack your breakfast the previous night, if your mornings are too busy.

When you go shopping, pick cheaper breakfast options because you can include any food or eat any dish for breakfast. Because it is cheaper to buy in bulk, you should try to stock your supplies so there is always something to eat. A to-do list can also come in handy, so put breakfast on top of your daily to-do list and cross it off with the smile of a true achiever.

There is only one think to look out for – choose the breakfast that works for you but make sure not to overeat. You should feel hungry 4 or 5 hours after eating a meal. If you don’t feel hungry after that time, it could mean you are overeating or you are consuming more food that you need for energy in that time period.

Always remember that eating breakfast helps you choose healthier foods during the day. Today may already be gone, but will you eat breakfast tomorrow?

This article is based on the informative book BECOME A HEALTHIER YOU by Associate Nutritionist Irene Danquah.

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