The Nature that won’t go to War with God

Devotion 5
LISTEN JUN 25, 2015
Devotion 5

Judges 7:1-7
In today's Bible passage, you will find the fundamental nature found in these men that disqualified them from being vessels that God could take to war to give victory to His people. You must personally check that any of the kinds of nature enumerated below is not in you if God will ever take you to war:

  1. Fear: If fear is in your heart God cannot take you to war. Fear will not let you see, perceive or recognize the provision of the Lord, though it is always there before the need arose. Fear will cause blindness; fear will make you despise what God has chosen to work with.
    2. Gluttony: If you are ruled by your appetite God cannot take you to war.
    3. Promoting human comfort above the will of God: If your comfort is a major driver of your choices and actions in life, you cannot be useful in the battle.

To be clear, none of the above will stop what God is going to do (See John 6: 5-6). Verse 6 is one of the cornerstones of ministry foundation. On the road of obedience to God, not every problem will require money to be solved. You will need to understand to separate the problems that money can solve from those you will need God's power to handle. This understanding will often be the difference between fear and panic on the one hand and confidence on the other.

There are believers and especially ministers that didn't have this understanding and have gone to borrow when God's power was going to do what they were afraid of dealing with. Recall in John 6:6 above, “…this he said to prove him.” He was deliberately testing his understanding. You may be in a situation that God is testing your understanding of the God you have come to. The situation that you are handling that is confronting you, what do you need actually? Learn to trust in the Lord without fretting; He will take care of whatever situation and circumstances of life throw at you.

Prayer: Lord open my eyes to see every nature in me that you cannot work with, deliver me from this natures in Jesus name. Show me steps to take to be permanently free from such

By ​Rev. Olusola Areogun

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