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Hard-Working; Is Not Really Enough

By AdεmoĻa Taoƒεεk
Hard-Working; Is Not Really Enough
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In this world we are, one really needs to be in a pensive mood as a result of many things weird happening around us. It is obvious thing that life has many ways of proving to us what is called "life" itself. However, people argue that the world is crazy while scores of people assume that life is empty, dull and nothing really valuable about it.

I have heard some groups saying that life, is nothing but to live it and live as if there is no tomorrow. This, are things that fills the air in every nook and cranny of the world amongst people. The question now is which is true from the above hue and cry in real sense and reality?

Sincerely and generally speaking, life is good, sweet, worthy, beautiful and appreciable. The thing is that to reach a conclusion about what life is, one has to observe it well. What really is life about, the purpose of life and why we live. Seriously It is evident that life has not been fair to some people while some in this part of the world has enjoyed and still enjoying the biggest part of life.

The true is that there is no partial there; naturally God has made it that way. Many live a life of "well, we just have to accept things as it is, and some are like, thank you God for bringing me to life." It may sounds good and bitter to one's hearing, but the true is that no matter how good and worst we are, not everybody is okay in life. We all have problems and difficulties in life. But I must be frank with us that all this intractable problems are surmountable, and can be tackled if we are no poltroons and slobs.

There are many issues and troubles that are temporary, but because we leave them unfaced, they became permanent stories to us while to God, we need to face them with faith, courage and action to change them. Only natural things will remain unchanged. Have you being so hard-working for 15years now without nothing to show for it?

I must say you need to look inward and ask what is the cause of this that despite your hard-working lifestyle, you are still lagging and dragging to be successful by living a life of achievement. Some companies and organisations has folded up not because of money to fund them is the biggest problem, not even the salaries and wages to pay workers is the major trouble, but because they lack creativity, people with perfect, brilliant new ideas, technologies and common sense to run them are the chief problems lacking there. So they shutdown.

In this modern world we are now, the true, however, is that people are not only successful by hard-working alone, they are not even achievers only by hard-working. successful people believe being hard-working alone can not turn kobo to dollars, can not turn junior to senior. They believe the world has changed, people don't chase only after hard-working individuals. Successful people believe hard-working alone can make you forever hard up and bring to you only the reward of your hard-working alone.

Ask teachers what it means to be hard-working and to receive peanut salaries. Despite the commitment of the teachers to teach, the hard-working spirits in them, they are most times rewarded with no salaries and they we be force to go on strike as long as possible to get what belongs to them from the ingrate government they work endless for. Those that has no other work to do languishes at home with nothing to feed their family and nothing to buy themselves what they need. And teachers who has other things to do aside from teaching will only live on their businesses. If only hard-working were only what it requires to be successful in life and nothing else, many people would be billionaires. This is nothing but reality.

It is really sadden and heartbreaking that people mistake hard-working with the main goal of life. The mistake most people make is thinking that the main goal of life is to stay busy. Such thinking is a life wasting trap. What is important is not whether you are busy, but whether you are progressing. Your staying hard-working alone and not progressing is the hindrance of your success.

Hard-working alone is like rote learning that you need to repeat for many times. Many are left with hard-working alone without "creative thinking" and "common sense" to live large, progress and be successful."

God has not made you live on the breadline for your hard-working habit, he wants you to make progress and break the tide of stagnations in your life.

Many have become an average not because they are unemployment or because they have no job to live on, but because they lack common sense to lead a better and splendid life. For this reason, their hope and goal have been dashed for so long.

It is not about your life is being sat on by witches or covens you blame it on, it is about you allowing your goal and progress to sink deep in the sluggish pool of no progress. Your successful blame on others will never take you no where. It is no need to live a double life by running helter-skelter to getting jobs to strike it rich before you know you're progressing or working little while earning mega amounts of money. Don't work your life to depression by becoming a machinery. Some people live happily with their jobs and not running around working tiredlessly for companies before they make it.. People like them are always working with common sense of life and their motive is always to be successful - not how to dope and swindle people they work with. They never bit the hand that feeds them.

Some people believe to be successful in life is to cheat people, steal, embezzle, loot, dope make people cry, and make them suffer is all it takes. The fact is that you are never helping issue at all but making it more worst and badly complicated the more.. Having said this, they end up in jail or go back to square one.

Time spent in getting even is better used in trying to get ahead..

So, why must you eat people before you become great? You're not going there. Getting even can only give you a restless life, and again ruin the possibility of your success.

To everyone who think life is not at all fair to them, you only need to be fair to yourself and to others. Don't ever compare your success with others, it makes you bitter and unhappy.

Do what is right, have faith, work hard, believe in yourself even when nobody does, be polite, love your life, go for the best, be patient, smile even when things seems impossible, be courageous and take good care of yourself. Then, with all this, life will show you better how sweet and beautiful it is.

Yes, you can live successfully more than your hard-working; It's all in your mind.

AdεmoĻa Taoƒεεk
[email protected]

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