30.05.2015 Women Health

For Women: Pathway To Building Godly Home

LISTEN MAY 30, 2015

– Your character is the summary of your life
– Smile costless but giving it out to someone else is of great value.

– It is an abuse of social apparatus when you return a smile with a frown.

– A woman that cannot cook is a crook
– It is sweet aroma from kitchen that will provoke sweet talk

– If your husband loves your food, he will be good to you

– Foul play during courtship is the reason why many marriages end in court

– A broken courtship is better than broken marriage. God hates divorce

(Malachi 2:16)
– Negative character will turn in law to out law

– The boom you cannot manage will become a doom

– Failure to apply wisdom will make house maid to become house mate

– No matter your beauty, if you have a dirty mouth you will repel

people each time you speak and this can mar your beauty make up.

– Many holy wedlock has been padlocked because of bad mouth (Isaiah 30:15)

– The best way to access success in marriage is to be well educated:

learn new things, unlearn bad habits, re learn what you are been doing

that keep your love intact, but now you have distracted

– Only honey is sweeter than money, but you cannot get honey without

money. It is money that qualifies your husband to be called “HONEY”

appreciate what he gives and be prudent in spending.

– Don't let anything ruin your communication, it strengthens

relationship and build sound unity
– Stay by your husband during challenges, you will be coronated as a

pillar of strength when the battle is over
– Anointing is not an immunity from famine, suffering and challenges…

it makes life exciting, solving it makes life meaningful

– The way through to your gain is through pain. Tests you explore will

explode to testimony galore.
– Bad and good teachers do not die. Jezebel taught many women how to

paint faces. If you are addicted to wearing trousers (Deut 22:5) you

will leave behind a legacy of disobedience
– There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness

– Love is the energy of life… Love your husband today and all your tomorrows.

– Dear husband kindly print this message and give to your wife. Thanks

Each month has a voice that speaks, October will speak success,

victories, possibilities and fulfillment into your life.

Complications that hitherto disgrace medication as you give time to

quality meditations on the word of God will suffer frustration.

Goodness and mercy will follow me this month. Everything in God's

kingdom is voice activated… whatever you cannot declare, you cannot

Be friend of the people, don't befriend their sins (1 Corinth 15:33)

Ezekiel Kolawole

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