The Odds that God works with (2)

devotional 9
LISTEN MAY 1, 2015
devotional 9

Rev Olusola Areogun John 11:1-45
When Jesus was told that Lazarus was sick, he refused to go until the third day and by then he had died. Thereafter He said to His disciples, now let's go. When he was sick why didn't He go? Because somebody may turn up in future and say Lazarus fainted and did not die or the sickness of Lazarus was just malaria that there is no special miracle, but Jesus showed up four days after he had died and had been buried, the people said he was stinking so there is no room for any argument.

The lesson God is teaching us here is that “there is no case or condition in your life that is closed with God”. Lazarus' tomb had been closed and sealed, but He said open it up again. God deliberately did that because if the Bible says God is good then it will be contrary to His nature to deliberately wait for Lazarus to die, but for you to understand the kind of God you are dealing with when you face cases that you have closed and normally speaking, nothing else can be done then you can know that with God, something can be done.

A young man slipped as he was climbing a mountain and as he was falling, he grabbed a stump of wood coming out of the mountain with his hand crying; “Anybody there, help me! Please, help me!” Then he heard a voice, “Yes, I'm here I can help you” he said who are you? Jesus is my name; I will help you on one condition. He said what's the condition? Drop the stump you are holding. So the young man said, “Any other person there?” And that's the exact way we behave many times. Until you drop what you are holding, God is not going to help you, because the odds are that you are likely to transfer the credit to what you are holding and the word of God says, “I am the Lord that is my name. My glory will I not share with any other person”

Prayer: Lord show me what I am holding on to that is hindering you from working in my life, I invite you today because I believe my case is not closed with you. Thank you Lord

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