Reject The Evil Portion Of Vashti

devotion 2
LISTEN APR 6, 2015
devotion 2

Rev.  Olusola Areogun Esther 1:10-22
If you will not be shaken out of your place in life this year, you need to pray this prayer that we can see from the life of Vashti. To reject the evil portion of Vashti, pray the following:

1. Come against everyone that is operating under the spirit of Memucan in your life in the name of Jesus. Pray that God will cause such people to lose their voice, their position and their influence in the name of Jesus.

You will notice that, in verse 16-20, it was Memucan that stressed the error and punishment that Vashti should get and it was approved against Vashti. Pray that such shall not be your portion in Jesus name.

Reject these evils, which befell Vashti, one after the other:

i.  I will not lose the glory that I am already established in (verse 19)

ii.  I will not be ejected from honour and I will not display folly (verse 12)

iii.  I will never find myself in a position of no mercy and having no advocate (verse 21)

iv.  I will not find myself where I will be judged by a single act of mistake and all my past good works have been forgotten (verse 12)

v.   I will not be replaced (Chapter 2 verse 17)
vi.   People that have a voice will not decide against me (verse 21)

vii.  People that carry veto power will not decide against me (verse 22)

viii.  It will not please my lovers to have another instead of me (verse 19)

From 1 Kings 5:1, receive ever lovers in the name of Jesus; the same way that Hiram was an ever lover of David to the point that he favoured his descendants. I receive people to be my ever lovers and favour me forever. I enjoy goodwill from them forever in the name of Jesus, amen.

Prayer: Thank God for answered prayers and be on the lookout so that the devil does not sneak these evil experiences into your life in Jesus name, amen.