My Valentine Wish

By Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo
My Valentine Wish
LISTEN FEB 14, 2015

How time flies before our eyes
Another Valentine Day is here with us
Oh, how my heart with joy is filled
How my emotion is high and thrilled

For inside of me, I find the space
And even my mouth will so express
The depth of love I always nursed
For one I have cherished as a Must

Yes. I may not take you in my luxury car
To have eloquent dinners in restaurants far
I may not even want to buy you a gift
Because the depth of my love they cannot sift

But from the bottom of my heart it is so clear
I have no doubt that, to me, you're so dear
So dear I really could not gloss over
This day, celebrated the world over

This is Lovers' Day, when it shows
Inside of us those we hold so close
The idea has definitely come to stick
As we keep building with every little brick

Knowing always that love can lift
Even without those little things we call Gift
So, on this very Special Day, I say
I wish you all the best in every way

And that no matter what we pass through
I love you dearly and forever will do
Just remember today as every other day
Our God is our Bond, our Strength in every way.

- Chief Sir Emeka Asinugo (2015)

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