Where To Meet Him: An Unemployment Circle

By ghanama
Where To Meet Him: An Unemployment Circle
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As the unemployment rate continues to rise, job clubs are becoming the hot spot for those desperately seeking employment, because they offer networking opportunities and group therapy. But job clubs can also be a great place to meet a man.

Discussing their unemployment status is oftentimes a touchy subject for a job seeker when meeting someone they'd like to date. It's difficult to actually date when you're broke or being thrifty. And no one wants to come off as a slacker.

But if you meet a guy at a job club there's no need to bring up the whole unemployed subject—it's obvious you're both in the same (sinking) boat. Dating a fellow attendee can provide a new focus, instead of self-doubt.

Since job clubs are usually sponsored by churches, colleges, or another community-based organization, there's a strong chance that you and your new suitor will have the same ideals. You already have a common goal—finding a job.

And indulging in free snacks and coffee is kind of like a date, right? So why not kill two birds with one stone by finding a job and a guy at the same time and place?

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