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Jesus is the reason
LISTEN DEC 17, 2014
Jesus is the reason

Bisi Adewale
During the last lap of the ministry of Our Lord Jesus Christ he was looking for a place to celebrate the Passover, he was in dire need of a place to break bread with his friends(Disciples) thanks a lots to a man that made his house available to Jesus and his twelve friends.

He went into the house wine and dine with these friends of his in what is now known as last supper.

Can you imagine if Jesus is on the street of Ibadan, Lagos, Kano, Enugu, Portharcourt or Abuja etc looking for a place to celebrate Christmas and you reside in any of this cities, will he find your home conducive for himself and his friends?

Do you think he will enter a home where there is strife between husband and wife, a house full of sexual immorality, a house where you are beating your wife or nagging your husband? No he won't, he is looking for a house where love and peace reigns, a house where purity resides, a house where integrity and righteousness rules.

Note that Jesus when Jesus looking for a place for the Passover He was not on an Evangelistic journey like he was when he visited the House of Zacheus, he was on a significant journey of life before his Death, so he won't want the house of a sinner this time around. Likewise Jesus is looking for a house where he can reign, not a place where he will preach. Is your house available, do you have a table set for him in your house? Can He use your Iphone, iPad, blackberry or laptop with all those nude pictures, pornography pictures and videos you have there. Can he check your Fridge with those chilled alcoholic drinks you keep there? Can he check your wardrobes with all those ungodly cloths you pack there, Can he move from room to room and still feel at home in your home? Will he be comfortable with the kind of films you are watching and the kind of Television programs you are viewing. Will he dance to the kind of music you listen to and the kind you have on your Phone.

Beloved, don't celebrate the birthday neglecting the birthday boy, Jesus is the reason for the season, don't call it XMAS it is CHRIST- MASS sorry CHRISTMAS. Let honor Christ with everything we do this season let get back to God to serve Christ, let run from sin and live in righteousness, let make Christ happy for dying for us, let thank him for coming into this world of sin for you and I.

Get back to Jesus, give your life to him, serve him the rest of your life, remember that celebrating this year Christmas make it Minus one from the number of  Christmas you will celebrate on earth, only God knows when it will be over, where will you spend eternity? Think about this as you prepare to enter the New Year.

From all of us in FAMILY BOOSTER MINISTRY Merry Christmas and happy New Year in advance.

(Kindly forward to your friends, it may help somebody)

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