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FUNNY: This Gambian Man Has 4 Wives,7 Fiancées & 5 Girlfriends

gambia man
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gambia man

Sonko Tijan |A prolific lover with four wives, seven fiancées and five girlfriends has set Austria's record for bigamy| was finally caught in a honey trap at Vienna Airport after two of his wives realised they were married to the same man and complained to police.

The seducer had picked up women all across the country, using them for room and board whenever he was nearby and borrowing money from them which he never returned.

His downfall came after he met Sonja Maier, who believed she had found love at first sight when she was swept off her feet by Tijan after meeting him in a bar.

The 28-year-old from Gambia told her he felt the same, and after a whirlwind romance – and against the advice of her family – they were married a month later.

After a year of happy marriage she was pregnant and browsing Facebook when she happened across somebody with the same surname and a strikingly similar-looking husband.

Curious, the delved into the woman's profile. Then she realized this woman's husband was not only similar looking, but actually identical. The fact he had the same surname as her own spouse convinced her something was wrong.

'I thought that either he had a twin I never knew about or he was cheating on me,' she said.

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