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03.10.2014 Opinion


By Francis Williams Pinamang
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Your humbled and sorrowed dad writes to you. This is the third in the series of many more letters I intend to send you to express my affection towards you. They will make you aware how I felt the moment you opened your eyes and how life has been the very moment the Almighty allowed death to lay its icy hands on you.

Sleep now my child,
Let father hold your fears.
At rest good night dream wild.
Fast asleep the visions piled,
Some funny, some with alligator tears.
Sleep now my child.
Gypsies, and dragons and monsters galore,
They stamper through his mind as if an open door.
Sleep now my child.
A beautiful creation so strong and free,
who would believe he is of his mother and me.
At rest good night dream wild,
Full of imagination, life, and joy,
The world could be a bubble in the dreams of a boy.

At rest good night dream wild,
Sleep now my child.
Ours have been of pure love and bountiful sorrows!
Until the day we meet again, I remain yours

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