28.09.2014 Family & Parenting

Let your prayer carry an address – Luke 11:2

LISTEN SEP 28, 2014

Rev. Olusola Areogun
Whenever you write a letter that you intend to post, one thing you must not fail to do is to address the envelope which defines exactly where you want the letter to go. It enables the postman to drop your letter where you paid for it to reach; it is the same with prayer. Your prayer must be addressed to the one who can answer it.

Discussing a problem with someone or counseling with someone is not the same thing as praying. When you sit down on your toilet seat and talk to yourself about your challenges and problems it is not the same as praying to God. When you take deep sighs and deep breath as you think and meditate on issues it is not the same as praying.

Your weeping or crying does not equal praying. Truly God sees your desperate situation, he sees your mannerism and pain but he won't assume that you want him to intervene. He is asking you “What exactly do you want me to do?” God at these times is really asking you “Do you want me to be involved?” You may even religiously say “God sees what I am going through, why is he not doing something?” If he really wants to do something he will, maybe this is how he wants it to be.

God does not assume you want him to be involved or do anything until you address your prayer (not your complaint) to him. Every time you pray, let your prayer be addressed to God, your Father.  Jesus said “When you pray say, our Father…..” Our Father is the address that every prayer God will hear must carry. Stop praying into the atmosphere, stop praying also to men that cannot help or answer your prayer. Address your prayer to God.

Prayer: Dear Father, I repent of every complaint I have made because of my unaddressed and unanswered prayers, give me grace to pray to you alone and not to men addressing my requests to you in Jesus' name, amen.

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