09.09.2014 Family & Parenting


LISTEN SEP 9, 2014

Pastor Kumuyi
Text: ”To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3; 1)

Time is a treasure that any young person cannot afford to meddle with. Seasons and times are not under your control but you can control how you use them. If you fail to do certain things in a given time or season, you may miss them forever or achieve them late and at the expense of the time meant for other things. On time, Billy Graham said, “If we fail to use each day's deposits, our loss cannot be recovered. We cannot hoard time so that we can spend it another day.” Poor time management can affect your academic progress, and other areas of life. A youth, who habitually wakes up late in the morning, and instead of observing his prayers, chose to watch a television programme, look through the internet, make phone calls or send text messages as a priority, will miss a refreshing fellowship with His creator. You should pray daily for grace and guidance. Spend time to read because, when you stop reading, you stop growing and leading. Read the Bible, academic books and other good literatures. Work while it is day.

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