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This Woman Literally Put Her 88-Year-Old Grandma’s Burdens On Her Back & Carries Them With Grace

LISTEN JUL 28, 2014

Twenty-four-year-old Huang Lihua of China is setting a role model example of how we can show gratitude to our grandparents. When Lihua was a child, her parents had to move into the city to find work. So Lihua moved in with her grandmother Wan Zangsiu  in the countryside.

Lihua never forgot her grandmother's kindness and she now takes care of her. Lihua said she remembers the time with 88-year-old Zangsiu as the happiest in her life. In addition, Lihua doesn't just take care of her grandmother at home, she brings her to work with her daily.

During those times when Zangsiu is too exhausted, Lihua carries her on her back to the restaurant she owns. The journey is about a mile.

Here, Lihua helps Zangsiu get the nutrition she needs.

And despite being nearly ninety, her grandmother still helps Lihua with her business.

Lihua explained why she does what she does:
“I have everything I want in my life now – a boyfriend who I love very much and a business that is doing well.”

'Therefore it was natural to me that I should think of my grandmother who gave me so much and started me off so well in life.”

What a beautiful and meaningful way to recognize the sacrifices that our elders make for us. Young people should think about Lihua's story next time they have the chance to do something nice for their grandparents.


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