young men
LISTEN JUL 24, 2014
young men

Ecclesiastics 3 v 1-8 says “there is time for everything.” If you get this statement right like me; that means when the right thing is not done at the right time it becomes too late. Really in life some things become late when not done at the right justified time.   Now that you are still young, here are some things you need to do now in order not to regret in life:

Know God : In Ecclesiastics 12v1-2, the preacher highlighted that the best time to know God is when we are still young. I heard of a man in his 80s who is still in Royal Ambassador (in the Baptist). A pastor of mine still talked about his father still officiating as an usher in their home church. The tendency that Jesus Christ will succeed in His earthly ministry started showing forth when He was just twelve (Matthew 2v41-49). knowing God and fully obeying Him is the best thing that can ever happen to you while you are still young.

Hear the right word: African magic, gossiping, wrong communication (disaster channels) etc. will derail your future. Hearing the right words such as good counsels, words of wisdom, soul lifting praises with worships and associating with those that know, will go a long way in molding your future. Amnon listened to wrong counsel from his cousin and it cost him his life (2 Samuel 13v1-29), while Joash listened tenderly to the counsel of Prophet Jehoiada and he had a peaceful reign (2 Chronicles 24). What you hear or watch will have a direct effect on your future. What are you hearing? Whom are you listening to? What do you read? Take note it can either destroy or create your now and tomorrow.

Be Word-filled: Ephesians 5v18 says “And be not drunk with wine, wherein in excess; but be filled with the spirit”. Joshua 1v8 highlighted that for one to have good success in life and be prosperous; the word of God is needed. At your tender age let the word of God become your companion, read it, meditates on it and live a bile patterned life. Christ is word-filled that was why it becomes difficult for Him to fall into temptation (Matthew chapter 4). The amount of the word in Daniel helped him to live a successful life.

Plan for your future: Don't allow your future to be formed by accidents or circumstances. Plan and follow it up by yourself. Don't just be dreamers, imagining your future alone without raw input by you will make your future to be just a MIRAGE. Have seen a teenager @ SSS3 that doesn't know the career non the course she will choose at the university (well not too late but she deserves some cane). You are not a product of circumstance non accident. God deliberately created you and me (Genesis 1v26). So deliberately and purposefully make ha now that the sun is still shining.

Extract all the necessary prayers and blessings from your parents: Through your diligence at home, endeavor to get all the blessings you need in life from your parents now that you are still young. From personal experience, have come to terms that these blessings will surely open ways for you in life. So in all that you do obtain those blessings. How? By been obedient, dutiful, caring, attentive and homely etc. do all that will make them smile and filled with gladness that they have you as their child. If you have not been doing this before, it's not too late START NOW.

Fabiyi Adeyinka Olabode is a seasoned educator and teacher of the word, who takes delight in putting smiles upon the faces of both children and parents. With an experience spanning over a decade both in church (as teens teacher) and school.

A product of Lagos State University and College of Marital Success. He is successfully married to his laughter (Aderonke) and blessed with adorable children.

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