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MAY 7, 2014 LISTEN

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life ”. John 3:16

Until you move God, nothing moves. But when you succeed in moving Him, everything else moves. Even though God sometimes calls out as if in need, He is never really in need like us. He is never hungry. He is not impoverished. Haggai 2:8 says all the gold and silver on earth belongs to Him.

As Creator of silver, gold, and all precious stones, He has access to them whenever He wants. He can simply ask a fish to produce money. Psalm 24:1 says the earth and its fullness belongs to our God. He is the controller of everything on earth- silver, gold, crude oil, diamond, wood, iron, cement, etc. Today's readiness says all the cattle and bush meat are under His control. It is an irony for God to ask you for something when He created and owns all things.

One lesson from Genesis 18:1-5 is that when God asks you for an offering, it is for your use, not His. The widow of Zarephath was one in need of a miracle, not Elijah. God had been feeding Elijah through ravens for a year before sending him to the widow. Whenever it is time to offer something to God, rejoice because it is an opportunity for Him to do something new in your life. As you continue to give cheerfully to Him, you provoke God's love. When God loves you, several things move Him. Giving, compassion, faith, service, etc. are some things that can move God. Of these, one thing that moves Him the most is love (John 3:16). Whenever God is moved by love, He gives His best. Anyone who is in love would do anything for the one he loves. When God wants to demonstrate His love for you, He can move you to any height.

Another lesson here is that when God reluctantly accepts an offering, He would say “Thank you” in a very big way. In 2 Kings 4:8-17, when the Shunammite woman invited Elisha to dinner in her house, the latter was very reluctant. She virtually forced him to eat. Yet, at the end of the story, what her wealth and popularity could not buy became her reward. If you understand God at all, even when nobody is asking for an offering, you will want to give. How have you been giving to God? What is so priceless that you feel justified holding back from God? If you want to receive, give. If you want to continue to receive, give non-stop.

By Pastor E A Adeboye

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