What To Do If A Relationship Starts To Get Sour

By Easygoodhealthcom
LISTEN APR 30, 2014

What To Do If A Relationship Starts To Get Sour-Everyone in a relationship expects the best but sometimes the contrary happens. A relationship which used to be admired by many turns out to be dramatic. Perhaps at this stage, the two partners might sit back and decide that the outcome won't affect them. This is just a cover up of the feelings of fear in losing the partner. Several signals can be used to determine if a relationship is on its way out. They include lack of communication, physical and emotional abuse among others. When these signs emerge, it is time to act sooner than later to save the relationship. Healing a relationship requires tools to fix it properly. The following tools are very essential in fixing a relationship that is starting to go bad. 1. Determine What is Going On

Many people in a relationship always blame each other when the relationship is on a rocky path. However, this is not the best approach to solve the problem. This is because the blame game only induces anxiety and aggravates anger. When a relationship is rocky, both partners need to sit down, diagnose the problem in the relationship and troubleshoot to come up with amicable solutions. The solution should involve laying down of strategies that can stop the problem from recurring again. It should also answer the following questions, why? who? and what? 2. Discuss Who or What Caused The Problem And Then Accept Responsibility

Healthy relationships do not take a day to be what they are. Bad relationships too, take time as well. If you sense that your relationship is starting to go bad, most probably there is something behind it. In order to fix issues at this time, every partner should check what they might have contributed and what could have led to their actions. By doing so, it shall create an open room for both partners to air out their grievances, correct one another and then accept responsibility. Accepting responsibility is one of the best ways to save a relationship which is not working out as expected. 3. Adopt New Relationship Rules

If a couple senses that their relationship is turning out to be bad or rather on an ending lane, it is time to re-evaluate new options on how to improve the relationship. After diagnosing what caused bumps in your relationship and accepting responsibility, it is now time to lay down measures that could serve as a hindrance to future problems. These rules shall depend on what caused the relationship to deviate away from the way it used to be at first. Issues like frequent communication, physical and emotional satisfaction, boredom, disagreements among other factors have to be addressed. If one of the issues is a causative agent, then relevant measures have to be put in place. 4. Rekindle The Love You Used To Share While Dating

This will rekindle the feelings you had for each other when you first met. Go to restaurants you used to eat dinner, visit the parks and places you used to make love from. This will arouse the love fireworks you had. Believe it or not, the relationship will be brought back on track.

It is not easy to always have a perfect relationship. Every relationship turns into a bad state at times but it's all upon the couple to diagnose the problem and follow the above tips to stabilize the relationship. There is no bad relationship that cannot be revived. Take the above steps and have a happy relationship ever after.

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